Symbolism in The Awakening                  In the first three chapters of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, several symbols are introduced which seem to represent certain characters, relationships, or advance the theme in some way. Admittedly, having not read the entire novel, it is difficult to fully analyze the importance of these symbols, or to fully understand their meanings […]

One thing that is notable about SNL’s “Celebrity Jeopardy!” skit, as discussed in class, is the lack of female characters. The only time someone female is even mentioned is through Sean Connery’s “your mom” jokes. Because of this, it may seem that the sketch is anti-feminist, or at the very least is not a piece […]

This movie and presentation was really interesting. I would never have thought of the many different ideas that were talked about in the presentation, not to mention how the different theories might connect to it. The ideas of how elements of Greek Tragedy fit into as well as the relationship to modernism and fate is […]

Out of all of the presentations, and to everyone’s surprise (*sarcasm*) I specifically enjoyed the Saturday Night Live and Modern Family clips. Because I had already seen the Californians and the Celebrity Jeopardy multiple times before, I was able to focus more on applying themes that we had discussed in class. Furthermore, since there were […]

Undoubtedly, Of Mice and Men takes on a distinctly modernist point of view as it seeks to reveal the true, dark happenings of reality. Specifically, the story focuses on the theme of death. From the start of the story, we learn of the small death of a mouse that Lennie has been carrying in his […]

The class presentation on the SNL skits “Celebrity Jeopardy” and “The Californians” highlighted a key theme we have discussed this semester- is culture important to study? From a humanist perspective, human nature is unchanging. Themes of identity, family, love, loyalty, conflict, etc. are ones that can be found in almost all great literary works, regardless […]

I thought it was very interesting how the group on Tuesday mentioned euthanasia in their presentation on Of Mice and Men. I had read some of John Steinbeck’s other books for high school English classes, and one thing that always really fascinated me was how he does not sugarcoat the truth, no matter how dark […]